Proper Mindset For Pursuing and Building A Home Business

In the course of the last four years on the net I have observed many different styles and attitudes of people pursuing and building a home based business. It strikes me as odd that people would treat a home based business differently than they would if they were starting a brick and morter business. Yet, I see many, many people online treating their efforts at building a business online very casual and haphazardly. I believe that this is why so many people fail miserably at building their business online.

The current opinion of most experts is that 97% of people fail online. I can tell you from personal experience why that is…because about 97% of the people I have come in contact with expect their sponsor to do it for them and really don’t understand that if they want to build an income it takes hard work.

This is similar to the fantasy movie “Field of Dreams” where they said “If you build it, they will come”. People are attracted to individuals who are able to generate and inspire passion about their business, so if you aren’t passionate and inspiring to the people you talk to about joining your business, then why would they join you? If you were talking to a person who wanted you to join their business, would you join if they weren’t motivating and passionate about it? And so it goes.

If you truly want to join the 3% of people finding success online, then you are going to have to change your mindset. You have to become a leader and motivate people to want to join you because people join people, they don’t join a business. They want to find and actually seek out people who make things happen because they want to be able to learn from them and duplicate their success.

This is what attraction marketing is all about. By being the leader that people are looking for, you will attract people to you because they want to be like you and have the success you are having. Your attitude is what gets them motivated to action and they really don’t care what your business is that you are trying to recruit them into. If you exude success and confidence in what you are doing, that is what they are looking for, someone that is attractive and they want to emulate.

If you have failed in the past to create that business that you desire, that business that makes you the income you’ve always wanted, then you have to change what you are doing and become a new person. Be passionate, excited, aggressive and all those traits you are looking for in a leader and you will attract people to you and your business like bees to honey. If you will simply change that old mindset to this new one, you will have more success than you ever thought possible.